40 Days of Love - Day 34 - Manifesting


I love manifesting and I love helping others manifest! It's a very uplifting feeling when you've helped someone receive. Especially when they think it's impossible. Nothing is impossible right! Manifesting is simple and easy once you know what to do. There are many different ways to manifest the things you want and desire.

For me, manifesting all began was I was very little. Growing up, we weren't allowed to talk in the car. There was six children...trust me, it made sense that my parents put this rule into place. So I would turn to my thoughts for entertainment. I would fantasize about everything. I found that the things I thought about, came true. Some of what I thought about came true for myself, other times it would come true for an adult. I thought this was magical, although I didn't understand what was happening. When we are young, it's easy to manifest because we are pure and innocent. We feel things with our whole being. Everything affects us deeply.

The way I manifest today is a combination of using my thoughts and something I discovered in my early 20s. When I would write something down, it came true. It has gotten to the point I can't even joke about something. If I write it down, it comes true. So I have to be careful with my words. For example, I had a friend that lost her mother when she was six years old to breast cancer and then she lost her dad suddenly right before New Years. It was shocking. And I felt for my friend. She is one of the most amazing people I know. Pure love! She's a joy to be around and she's taught me so much about what love is. I wanted to make her pain go away. So I wrote her a happy ending. I wrote a short story that included her falling in love, having a baby and traveling. I didn't send it to her. Within a year she was in love, pregnant and boy was she traveling! We were chatting one day and I told her about the story and she was amazed. It had all come true! I've done this for a few friends that are going through rough times.

So, manifesting for me happens a few different ways. I make sure I'm in a positive space, I ask for guidance and then I begin writing. Usually it's just a quick note and at the end I say "thank you thank you thank you!!!"  This raises the vibration of the intention to gratitude and the feeling it's already happened.

For you to manifest: test out what works best for you. But remember, be in a positive place, wrap the intention with positive feelings (don't come from angry, desperation or fear). It's the feelings that help to manifest your desires. If you would like me to help you manifest, I have a free sign up sheet. Write your intention and I'll email you back what I write down for you. It certainly helps! Please remember though, you are I charge of your life. You have the power to change your circumstances. This is just an energetic boost.  Click here to co-create with me!


Peace, Love & Hugs,


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