40 Days of Love - Day 32 - Beauty Products Part 2 Makeup


Part 1 of beauty products was all about taking care of your skin. When it comes to beauty I believe it's your smile and happiness that make you attractive.  The inside of a person can shine through. It doesn't matter how much makeup you wear, you can't cover up a mean person but a kind heart always shines through. For when you're feeling girly and want to bring out your best facial features, I do have products I love. I usually don't wear a lot. If I do, I like mascara, brow powder, bb cream and a red lipstick or lip gloss. 

Mascara. My all time favorite that I have been wearing for years is Blinc. It's the only mascara that I've tried that doesn't make me look like a raccoon. What makes this mascara different is when the application dries, it makes little tubes around your lashes. Whenever I get my makeup done either for pleasure or for photoshoots, I bring my own mascara. The makeup artist usually falls in love with it because it's easy to apply, looks amazing on and it stays on. Bonus. It's easy to take off! A little warm water and a wee bit of pressure around the lashes does the trick.

Tarte. I love Tarte! Everything goes when it comes to Tarte. Vegan friendly, doesn't contain the nasty chemicals and helps your skin. I love the eye shadow palettes! I also have the eye primer in my makeup bag. I've tried each item that Tarte has to offer from eye liners to foundations to anything else you can think of. It all goes on beautifully! 

Dr Jart. What's a bb cream? The bb cream tread began in Korea. A bb cream is an all in one; serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and spf. Not all bb creams are equal. The look you want to achieve is effortless dewy skin. My go to for bb cream is Dr Jart. I have tried each one from this brand and I love them all. My favorite though is premium beauty balm spf 45. It's so simple for anytime of day, year round. I also love Dr Jart's bb mate. A contouring kit that is so easy to apply. Wonderful if you're looking for more coverage plus highlighting and contouring along with the Bb cream.

Red lipsticks/lip gloss

Day or night, I love red lipstick! Here are some of my favorites that I have found look great on everyone.

Buxom lipgloss. Red hot mama is my go to and looks beautiful on everyone. Great for daytime or evening. 

Shiseido lacquer rouge. I use a lip brush or my fingers when applying this. It apples like a lipgloss but looks like lipstick. This color really lasts, just like a lip stain. Beautiful blue red that goes with many skin tones and looks amazing at night.

Nars lipstick. Classic red lip!  This is a beautiful lipstick which you can apply lightly to the lips for daytime and layer for evening.

My favorite nail polish brand and colors from Day 4. Nantucket Skin nail polish is free from a lot of the nasty chemicals, it's fool proof to apply and it lasts. Click here to learn more about Nantucket Skin!