40 Days of Love - Day 2 - Homemade Gifts


Before I get into today's 40 Days of Love and the Giveaway, I wanted to send love to Paris during this time.  

My prayers are with Paris, especially the families and friends who are dealing with great loss during this time. We live in an age that when something violent happens, we all feel it. Not on the level of those closest to the situation, but because we are loving human beings, we are affected by the tragedy. We also know this could happen to any of us. Paris is the City of Love. I know they will lead by example and rise above this. This event reminds me how important love is.  Love is the highest vibration. If you and I come from a place of love, we affect those around us in a positive way.

You probably know of, or have heard of community immunity. Community immunity is when enough people in a community have a vaccine thereby protecting others from the disease, especially those who are unable to receive the vaccine. Similarly, if enough of us come from a place of love, we help to protect ourselves and others from negativity. Maybe this is a pipe dream of mine, but I believe in the good of people and of the world. I'm going to continue the 40 Days of Love in hopes of spreading the feeling of love in you and others. My little posts may not be significant, but it's one tool I have, and I'm going to use it. I encourage you to use your tools of love as well. Know that even smiling at strangers, or opening the door for someone helps to spread love. Together, let's raise this world up to love!

Day 2 - Homemade Gifts.

I am by far the worst gift giver under pressure!  I have no idea what to buy someone for birthdays or holidays.  Luckily, years ago my family implemented the “make our own gifts” rule.  This meant that all our gifts for Christmas had to be something we made.  I have made jewelry, truffles and a bathroom spray just to name a few.  One year, my uncle took the wood left over in my grandfather’s basement, and he made each of us our own cribbage boards.  I opened up the gift, saw the beautiful craftsmanship, and I was blown away.  When my uncle told me he used the left-over wood, as well as ivory pieces found in the basement, I cried.  It was what my family calls the ‘gotcha-gift’ (you either cry, or laugh so much that you cry- that’s a ‘gotcha’). He got us all that year! 

We are weeks away from the holiday season and the biggest shopping time of the year.  Billions of dollars will be spent, all in the name of love.  This is wonderful and certainly helps our economy, especially if you shop local.  What I love about my family’s tradition is that the gifts are made with love, and they are truly special.  No price tag can be placed on these special items.  I especially love the edible gifts.  I know exactly where I am going to store them, in my belly! 

I want to hear from you.  Do you think your family could make the switch from store bought gifts to homemade?  Is that something you would want to do?

Peace, Love & Hugs,



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