40 Days of Love - Day 27 - History


Since I was a little girl I've been obsessed with history. Maybe it's because the homes my family owned were older homes. Theybwere so old, you could smell the history. The youngest being a big blue Victorian house that was perfect for hide-and-seek. Maybe it's because I'm seventh generation on an island that prides itself on looking after and honoring its history. While traveling to other cities and towns, I often want to make sure I become versed in their history. From the coal-mining in Telluride to rum running in the Bahamas and right on to the story of the gods in India. It's all so fascinating to me.

Tomorrow I'll post on some of my travels but for today, I would love to talk about some of my favorite historic island sites and museums;

Nantucket Whaling Museum


There's nothing like a museum; endless discoveries of treasures.  The whaling museum has treasures in every square inch. Even in the air. There's a beautiful display of whale bones hanging from the ceiling in the great hall. 

Inside the Old Gaol. Bunks and a toilet.  

Inside the Old Gaol. Bunks and a toilet.  

The Old Gaol

If you're visiting me on island or I'm taking you around for a tour of the island, we will be stopping at the Old Goal, pronounced old jail. It's just what the name eludes to, an old jail. I love it!

The Three Bricks and Two White Houses.


I love the story of the three bricks and the two white houses on Main Street Nantucket and if you ever get the chance to visit the White House that is open to the public, do so. The story is this, Whaling merchant Joseph Starbuck built the three bricks one for each of his sons and the two white houses, one for each of his daughters. The wealth on the island during the whaling days was certainly mind blowing. 

Do do you love history? I would love to hear about your favorite piece of history! Comment below.

Peace, Love & Hugs!


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