40 Days of Love - Day 25 - Schmidt's Deodorant + Giveaway of their Anti-Stink Cream


How did this happen so fast? We're on day 25! Today, what I love is not smelling badly. Let me share my stink story with you.
 I remember when I started having to wear deodorant. I was getting ready for school and my mother told me I needed to put deodorant on. "No I don't!" I shouted back, because that's what pre-teen girls do.
 "You don't want the kids at school to start calling you Stinky Stover, do you?"
They were already calling me Spider Dot and Dottylonglegs because I was so tall...so yeah, adding another nickname to the rotation was not ideal. I let out an "ugh", and stomped my way over to the bathroom to put on the deodorant.
Honestly, since that day I've struggled with BO. And I'm not sure if it's because my mother planted the nickname within me or I just never noticed before how much I can stink, but it's certainly something I am self-conscious of.  I had an ex-boyfriend who once told me I had stinky pits. I would like to chalk up his repulsion to my scent as a sign that our DNA was not compatible to provide optimized immunity for our future children. Works, right? Just go with me on that one.
A good friend of mine owns a landscaping company here on the island, Dutra Designs. Her name is Emily, and she's a sweet, lovely Taurus that is happiest when her hands are in the dirt, or she's cooking up something special for those she cares for. She posted something on Facebook about Schmidt's Deodorant, saying that it's a natural deodorant and it's the only one she has found that works. Emily works long hours outside, in the elements, sweating everyday, and by the end of the day her underarms are fresh. That says a lot!  I am trying to have my life be as chemical free as possible, especially since I've read a lot about the connection between the aluminum in traditional anti-perspirants and cancer. So I decided to try it. Boy, did my world change when I did! I tried the lavender sage, which to me smells like a spa treatment. Running around the island during the summer months, teaching yoga, walking my dog and dancing about, I maintained my freshness, and that freshness even lasted into the next day. That was huge, because I can smell something awful during the summer months! Just ask my ex-boyfriend.
I've told a few people about this great product, including my older sister. She gave it a go and was impressed. This, too, says a lot because she's not easy to please when it comes to products.

Schmidt's different anti-stink scents. I've smelled them all:

Lavender Sage - smells like a spa treatment. So relaxing! This is the scent I use.
Bergamot Lime - very fresh scent! Like springtime on Nantucket just after the rain.
Cedarwood Juniper - woodsy scent and energizing.
Ylang-Ylamg Calendula- Floral and soothing.
Unscented- Great for those that are looking for a deodorant without having a scent.

I would love for you to fall in love with Schmidt's as well! Enter to win today's giveaway by sharing this post or commenting below. Bonus points if you let me know why you should win this magical anti-stink cream!  Make sure to check out their website here.

Peace, Love and Hugs, 


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