40 Days of Love - Day 21 - Dresses & Jammies


Which clothing item of yours makes you feel good when you put it on? For me, I love dresses and I also love my jammies. The second I get home, I am in my jam jams. It's as though I walk into the threshold of my home, up pops the jammies and I walk through said jammies and they are instantly on. Like something out of a syfy movie.  It's worked out well that a nice chunk of my time is spent in yoga/workout clothes. These are acceptable public jammies.  

Photo taken by Phoebe Foley  check out more of her photos on   Instagram @phoebefoley

Photo taken by Phoebe Foley  check out more of her photos on Instagram @phoebefoley

If I'm not in my jammies, I prefer a dress. I have a feminine body, which in plain terms means curvy. Dresses instantly make me feel put together and they bring a smile to my face. I love to put on a pretty dress and maybe do a twirl around as though I were five. I feel more confidant and secure with myself in a dress. In short, I feel I just look my best in a dress. Plus, it's easy...almost likes jammies. In regard to dresses, you don't have to think about whether the top matches the bottom. Just throw it on and you're out the door. I do miss the days of old where people dressed up. I think most people look more attractive in suits and dresses. Dresses help women hide troublesome areas of their bodies. These troublesome areas are really just the parts that make a woman feel insecure about her body. Reality is there are no troublesome spots, only troublesome thoughts. A dress allows a woman to show off her best features, which reminds a woman how truly beautiful she is. So big, small or adverage, she looks amazing. I love that about dresses. It may seem trivial but its the little things in life that can turn a day around. A dress can do it for me. 

What makes you feel good to wear? Maybe it's an old tshirt? Or maybe it's a full on suit or fancy dress? Anything you own that makes you feel comfortable gets the 'ok' in my book. 

Peace, Love & Hugs, 


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