40 Days of Love - Day 19 - Animal Yoga


"Aunty Dorphy! Let's do yoga!" My three year old niece running to grab one of the yoga mats I brought to my sister's house. I've been teaching yoga to my nieces since last March and it's delightful!  All of the yoga poses are based on elements found in nature, so it just makes sense that animal yoga is just really yoga broken down to the basics of nature. My nieces love it. "Let's do monkey now!"  "Let's be the wind!" 

I've seen animal yoga transform kids. I was at a brunch a few months ago and a couple brought their son to party. As we are all enjoying our frittatas, the little boy was running around the crisp and clean apartment with blueberry all over his face and hands. He was a very sweet and high energy little boy. I got up from the table at one point. Took out two mats from the corner of the room. Placed them across from each other and ask the little boy if he wanted to practice animal yoga. Confused and energetic, the little boy was still jumping about but he was curious.  "This is your mat and this is my mat. You'll stand here."  I said pointing to his mat. He jumped onto the yoga mat. I proceeded to sit down, legs crossed. We began with our breathing. "How do animals breath?" I showed him slowly breathing in and out of my nostrils. Then I moved on once he calmed down a bit with different animals and we focused being a frog, then a tree. And the room of adults were amazed to see the little boy calming down and following each pose. We were all loving every minute of it!

If you're a parent, I highly suggest engaging your children in animal yoga. The Internet is full of different poses and ways to explain them to your child.  Plus, animal yoga helps to loosen up your walls. We don't play enough as adults. Also, the breathing techniques really help your children in so many ways; brings more oxygen throughout their bodies, helps them relax and even aids them when they are stressed. Why, just the other month while visiting my sister, my six year old niece showed me that she remembered how to do the alternating the nostril while breathing technique. Which helps with headaches, a stuffy nose and stress. Kids have all of this within their lives, even if adults don't recognize the stress factor. Children are so sweet and open, then can become easily hurt. Everything is so new and different. They are constantly changing in all forms. It helps to have an outlet and a tool to help them.

I want to hear from you! What do you think about animal yoga? Something you're willing to try even without kids? 

Peace, Love & Hugs,


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