LoveBlog; what my mother has been able to accomplish since she died and the number 1 thing I learned


Now, you may be questioning 'How can someone accomplish something once they are dead?"

Actually, a lot. Life doesn't end when we die. Life is a circle. Energy can neither be destroyed nor created. So when someone dies, their soul leaves their body and there is a whole other world they enter into. Not only that, other worlds, other lives. We are infinite and the universe is vast.

I was there when my mother died. I felt her move through my body. I felt her move so fast I couldn't comprehend it at first. The days that followed my mom's death I felt her near by. She wasn't gone. In fact, she was working hard on the other side. Things that shouldn't have worked out, did. 100% I knew it was her. She was lining the pieces up so that everything came together perfectly. Thank you Mom!

I remember waking up on the day of her funeral thinking, "How am I going to get through this day?" The last time I was this low I was doing some major healing work from a childhood sexual trauma I experienced. I didn't know how I was going to get through that time in my life but I did. The morning of my mother's funeral felt the same way, except 100 times heavier. This time it felt like I could actually die from this experience.

In a way, I did die. The Dorothy that celebrated her birthday a few days before her mother's death, died the moment her mother died. When my mother's soul moved through me, she carried off the old Dorothy to heaven as well. Now, the new Dorothy is stepping forward. She's really scared. She's brand new. She doesn't know how to navigate a world without her mother. She's not sure if she wants to. It's been a year and she is still trying to feel the ground below her feet. She's learning to walk and talk. It hasn't been easy.

This is where my mother, Queen Catherine, comes in. I heard her one morning while in the midst of my grieving, "I know you're sad. I know you didn't want this. I do want you to grieve me but not for too long or too hard because there's much to be done. There's a whole life to live and I want you to experience it all!"

"But how can I go on mom, without you?" I replied in tears.

"You will. I'll help you. Now, get out of bed and get going."

My mother after she died literally began pushing me out of bed in the mornings. Some mornings I did exactly what she said. Some mornings I fought her like I did when I was a little girl. Man, I would go back in a heartbeat to be a little girl again. To be able to crawl into my mother's arms would be a gift. I remember her laying down with me so that I would take a nap. She fell asleep and I just touched her face thinking she was so beautiful.

But stories of how I would jump back in time is not why you came here today.

The mornings I did exactly what my mother told me to do were the better days this past year. The days I wallowed in grief (Which is acceptable and needed.) were the really really hard days. The days I didn't like at all.

I found as the months progressed, if I did what she told me to do, I had the better days. Not only better days but a better life. I felt stronger. More like myself. More like the person I have always wanted to be but felt out of reach. I did grieve. I would cry in a moment and then the next move forward. It was as if I was able to harness the grief and grow.

So what was my mother able to accomplish beyond the grave? Lots! Not only for me but for others. I would hear stories of my mother working for people around town. Still helping. For myself, She helped me get out of bed. She inspired me. She helped to fuel my body, mind and soul to make changes for the better. The changes I was too scared to make.

That's what death is, change. It's a beginning disguised as an ending. It's sad. It's painful. It's special. It's beautiful. It's a blessing.

Now, don't think for a second I don't want my mom back because I do. Or just because I say death is a blessing that I would have her die all over again. I wouldn't choose it. I love having her help me in spirit. It's incredible! I also want her here. I want to hug her. I want to show her pictures of a trip, something special or her grandchildren. I want to share stories with her, a silly cat video or an adorable baby. I want to watch our shows. I want to swap dream stories. There is so much I want to do with her. I know she sees it all. I know she is so happy when our family is together. When I am thriving and being my best self.

My birthday was a few days ago, she was there. She was happy to see the group of people coming together. She sent me gifts and continues to send me birthday gifts. I feel how proud she is of me. I feel parts of her taking hold as well. We daughters are an extension of our mothers. We will always be connected to our mothers.

Remember when I said she told me there's much to to be done, much to accomplish and she is going to help me? Well, the last few months this came into play. She has been trying to get me to move towards other avenues of how I show up in the world. I have been studying mediumship for a few years now and fine tuning my psychic abilities and healing gifts for almost seven years. For quite some time, I have done readings and healings for friends and family. It has felt so right! In June, I came to the realization that I want to be doing readings and healings for people on a regular basis. Not only that but changing who I work with in regards to being a Love Coach. I typically work as a matchmaker and with people on helping them in their love and relationships. My mother was guiding me on a different path. I have been through sexual trauma, I have done a lot of work and have come out on the other side. Not only that, I have helped other people in the past transform as well. My mother has been adamant that Now is the time to focus on helping others just like me.

In a split second, I decided I want to do healings and readings for people full time and as a Love Coach to only work with people that have been through sexual trauma. When I made this realization, my mom said, "Ding Ding Ding! Finally, you get the message!" I have switched over everything I do now towards doing medium/intuitive/psychic readings and healings everyday. As well as in my Love Coaching business switching my online school offerings to those that have gone through sexual trauma like myself to bring them from a victim to a thriver. The Love School has three different courses; Healing After Sexual Trauma, Dating After Sexual Trauma and Love After Sexual Trauma.

With guidance from my mother I have made a free Life After Sexual Trauma Healing Guide. This brings someone that has gone through sexual trauma on the Hero's journey of self-empowerment, transformation and self-discovery. Download your copy here or share with someone who you think would appreciate it:

What I have a learned since my mother died? A lot...that's a whole book I am working on to answer that question. But the number 1 thing I learned after my mom died...that I also knew as an adult but didn't quite get...Is that my mom is always right.

She was right when she said I would have questions after she died and I wouldn't be able to ask her so I better ask her while she was alive.

(although being a medium, I do get to ask her questions but it's not the same)

She was right that I would miss her when she died and I better be nicer to her.

She was right when she would make suggestions on how I should or shouldn't dress. I have noticed as I get older, there's a way to dress where you can look beautiful, sexy and covered.

She was right with the type of guy that is best for me. "Be with a guy that is good to his mother."

She was right in showing me that life is too short to hold on to grudges, be mad, not do what you love or not be with those you love.

In spirit, she is right every time she gives me guidance on my next move or what to say or what to write. I don't always listen but I am learning that in not listening I am slowing down my progress and where I want to be or a goal I want to reach. When I listen to her, she helps gets me there.

She is right that I am 100% supported in everything. She keeps telling me to Continue moving forward and that I am going to be ok.

I am learning that it's true.

Sending love your way!


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