Loveblog - It’s Safe


It's safe to love and be a successs. I struggle with this. I know I'm brave. I know I have the courage to love and be successful in life. I know I have this within me and a nice chunk of the time I live this truth. I do love and strive for success most of the time. Other times, not so much. Other times I'm afraid to love. I'm afraid to be really good at something or have success with whatever I am doing. I'll sabotaged myself. So this, like all my writings, is a reminder to myself that it's safe to love and it's safe to be successful and have success. That there will of course be those that judge me or don't love me but I have people in my life that love me, support me and allow my freak flag to fly freely. Know that you have this too. It's safe for you to love. It's safe for you to be good, really good. To succeed beyond your wildest dreams. It's safe. Go for it!

 Dorothy wears many hats.  She’s an author, blogger, guides yoga atDharma Yoga Nantucket and is a Matchmaker forTawkify.  Years ago she decided that everything she would do in life, she would do for love.



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Peace, Love & Hugs!