Carnival of Curiosity at HubWeek


Raise your hand if you know about Hub Week (October 10th - 15th)!  I've linked up with The Nantucket Project to make connections with people in the Hub who resonate with The Nantucket Project and its message.

You’ll find me running around Boston during the day on Monday, the 9th and Wednesday, the 11th.  I'll be giving hugs all over town and connecting with those who love to be inspired, be creative, or those who are always learning.  YOU will have the chance to go to this incredible event on Wednesday, October 11th. (Show from 7-830pm) There will be yummy "I need another slice!" pizza provided by Oath Pizza, and adult beverages that will make you feel like you're on island time by Cisco Brewery.  Come listen toinspirational speakers to grow your mind, make you laugh and be in the moment.  They includeNew York Times best sellerKelly Corrigan, Neil Phillips, the founder of the Visible Men Movement, and artist Shantell Martin. The evening features award-winning TNPideafilm, The Illumination directed by Tom Scott, and many more surprises and miracles. 

If you want me to come to your place of business, your  favorite coffee shop, or any other establishment for a hug and a ticket to this amazing event email me at I'll connect you, your friends, work buddies, your grandma or whomever to this Nantucket Project event that is sure to be an inspirational Wednesday night full of yummy treats for your mind, tummy and soul!