LoveBlog - Times Change & So Do Perspectives


10 years ago, while in my mid-20s a perfect Saturday night and a well rested night's sleep did not involve kids. No, a perfect Saturday night involved Champagne, singing, dancing and making out with my handsome boyfriend. A well rested night's sleep usually came after getting home as the sun was rising, where I would be hoping to sleep past a hangover. Now, life is different. I've gone from being a rockstar to a rockstar auntie. Gone are the days when someone yelling "Shots!" Was a challenge I was willing to partake in. Now, I'm excited when I hear a little voice scream, "No! I want aunt dorphy to wipe my butt."  This past weekend could have been my worst nights sleep ever but it wasn't. It was joyful and wonderful and I woke up feeling well rested. This past weekend I was having a sleepover with my three nieces. We piled into one room, like we usually love to do.  If we don't all sleep in the same room, then I usually find myself sleeping in a different room every night to make sure each niece gets their sleep over with me. This particular trip would be a quick trip plus the littlest niece's birthday. Which means I would just be having a sleepover with her on both nights. Being a rockstar auntie has responsibilities. So we all piled into the one room so that no one felt left out.  The two older girls had their nap mats, which they love to sleep on and the youngest and I shared a twin size mattress on the floor. (I won't fit in her toddler bed). It was a rough go to get the girls to fall asleep.  They were so excited and the littlest one most of all. Her birthday being the next day in all. After we all calmed down from the excitement of being together, the littlest one wanted her back tickled. I obliged her. As I was tickling her back I fell asleep. It had been a long week for me and I was very tired. I felt her jab me to indicate I still needed to tickle her back. I woke up and did so. I fell asleep again. Just as I did, I felt another jab from my littlest niece waking me up to continue. I told her this is the last time and then we must go to sleep.  Ok she whispered. I fell asleep once more. Then the room began to heat up. Normally I need a blanket on me while I sleep but this evening the room was so warm I didn't. Nor could I really sleep. It was a dry heat. But I did manage to fall asleep for a bit. That is until I was kicked and elbowed by the littlest niece as she was moving about in her sleep. I settled myself down and fell asleep once more only to be awoken by a little hand tapping on my face, "aunt dorphy, I can't see in the dark."  "What do you need?" I whispered. "Nothing. I just wanted you to know."  "Ok. I'm here. Go back to sleep." She turns over and asks me to tickle her back. I do so for a moment before falling asleep. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder. "Aunt dorphy I'm thirsty. May I have a sip of your water or a cup of milk?" Half asleep I ignored her request. She went back to sleep and so did I.  Then a little while later, tap tap tap on my face. "Aunt dorphy, may I have a cup of water."  Since at this point I had to go to the bathroom myself, I said yes.  She followed me, which I wasn't expecting. We both went potty and she got her sip of water from the tap. We went back to bed. This time she decided she wanted to be on my pillow instead of hers. Which meant, she wanted to switch sides. From here I fell asleep but the evening went on a cycle of her just reaching out to touch my face. She didn't say anything, just feel around. At one point, touching my eyes. Which I can only assume is to see if they were open. The next time my mouth. The next time my cheek.  Then my chin. Then back to my eyes. Each time I would fall asleep after she would stop tapping or moving her hand around my face. And each time I would wake up when she would reach out and tap my face. If you were her parent, I would think you would have moved her to her toddler bed. However, part of me knew she would be back in the bed with me as she has done before in the past. Also, there were two other girls in the room, I didn't want to wake them in case the little one began to cry because she was being taken away from me. Plus, the tapping on my face was so very sweet. The little hand just reaching out to make sure I was there. Finally we both fell asleep and then the middle niece asked if she could get into the bed with us. So, there I was swished between two nieces on a twin size mattress. I think for any other person this night would have been a nightmare but for me, it was wonderful.  Yes, I didn't get my normal 7-10 hours of sleep but my love tank was filled to the brim and was overflowing. I didn't need sleep that night, their little hearts fueled me. Times certainly have changed. And I find they usually do no matter what we are doing. Someday, our beliefs or who we think we are, will change. 

This moment in my life made me stop and think about perspective. Depending on where we are, we see life differently. Sometimes our perspective only allows us to see all that is wrong in our lives or situation. Other times, our perspective allows us to see the good and the blessings. Sometimes it's just being open to seeing things differently that will make all the difference in how we choose to see life and ourselves. What could have been my worst nights sleep ever was my best nights sleep because of my perspective. 

This brings us to this week's love tip, life and love is about your perspective. Your view point can make you see the bad or the blessings. You want to change your life, change your perspective. 

Yoga offerings. My class this Wednesday at Dharma Yoga Nantucket upstairs in the hayloft at Bartlett's farm 5:30pm will be on the third eye chakra. This chakra rules intuition which is another way to say perspective. Come strengthen this chakra this Wednesday with me. Also, there are classes offered everyday with more classes being added come the end of June for the summer schedule. Take a look at the schedule and book your spot HERE. Or download the Dharma Yoga Nantucket App. Yoga Reaches Out is this coming Sunday. If you missed last week's post on how this event helps heal the world in two unexpective ways as well as find out more information, click HERE

Monday's. Restorative with Sheri. 830am. All Levels with Ted. 530pm
Tuesday's. Dharma Yoga 830am and 530pm with Joann
Wednesday's. Hatha 830am with Sheri. Hatha 530pm with me. 
Thursday's. Dharma Yoga 830am and 530pm with Joann. 
Friday's. Hatha 830am with Sheri. Candlelight restorative 530pm with Ted and Joann. 
Saturday's. All levels. 415pm with Joann. 
Sunday's. All levels 830am and gentle 1015am with Joann. This week Sheri is covering Sunday's classes because Ted and Joann will be supporting and representing Dharma Yoga Nantucket as well as a vendor at Yoga Reaches Out. 
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