40 Days of Love - Day 20 - Dreams


I love to dream; daydream, dream up the future, fall asleep at night and let my subconscious take over. In fact, dreaming is something I love so much, sometimes I will fall asleep just to see what happens. I love my dreams! I've gone and done so much in my dreams. I love the fact that during a dream, the ego is not present. At least for me. I'm not judging the moment, I am in it.

I began having past life dreams around two years old. In one dream, a tsunami. In another, it was an ancient civilization and pillars were falling down everywhere around me. Another dream a queen that lost her head. At 2 years old, this is very scary to see. I wasn't influence during my waking life, so the things I was seeing I had never seen before. That's how I knew about past lives.  And I would experience these dreams and others all the time while I was a little girl.

I also saw the future. Things that have not come to pass. Most of which I couldn't decider until it happened. Now I am getting better at it. Seeing my friend's weddings before they've even meet the person. Sometimes disasters and tragedies. I've even witnessed a heartbreak of my own before it happened. 


My dreams are very random. The past few years Bradley Cooper has made his way into my dreams. The first dream we were set up on a first date. He knocked on my door and when I answered the door, I thought to myself "this guy? Really!? My friends don't know me." I was very disappointed. To be honest, I really didn't know or pay attention to him all that much. Still, there he was. We went on our date and we had the most amazing time together! I was floored by this. This past year he showed up again, and we picked up where we left off. The dream felt like a month long experience of the two of us falling in love. I saw and experience it all. It was magical. All of this makes dreaming so much fun! What will I dream about tonight? I often think before going to sleep.

I want to hear from you. Do you dream? Anything exciting?

Peace, Love & Hugs,


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