40 Days of Love - Day 35 - Yoga + Giveaway


I love me some yoga! I've been practing since I was little. Really, before I knew what yoga was. I would just stay in the poses and hangout. Then my mother gifted me with a yoga book and then a vhs. (Vhs is the older sibling to dvd). When I was in middle school, a woman would come in during our lunch break and a few of my friends would practice with her. After the class, I would bite into my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and the taste was unbelievably delicious! I came to the conclusion that yoga makes food taste better.

Now that I'm older I see that yoga makes everything better; my body, my mind, how I interact with myself and others, my relationships and so much more I can't even put into words. Yoga makes life better. This past spring, I went to India and was enrolled in the 200 hour teacher training at Rishikesh Yog Peeth. Incredible experience. Something I took away from this experience was to not lose my personal practice. We are better teachers when we live it and do it ourselves. I try to remember this everyday. Now I am teaching and it's brought so much joy to my life. I love the one on one experience of teaching privately and I love teaching in a dedicated space. My yoga home is Dharma Yoga Nantucket. I find with each class I learn something new about myself and about others. There are so many yoga benefits but I find, yoga finds people when they are ready. In India, I learned the path to yoga begins when you hit rock bottom. That's the true beginning of ones yogic path. How beautiful and truthful is that?!

For me, the path to teaching began during the Nantucket Yoga Festival. After I emerged from that weekend, I was in a love bubble! It was an unbelievable experience. If you want to experience the weekend for yourself, this year the festival will be July 8-10th 2016. There are some special passes as of now you may purchase. Use the code HOLIDAY and save $75. Click here to do so.


For today's giveaway, I want to share my practice with you. Someone will win a free private session with me. The session will include the asanas (poses) pranayamas (breathing techniques) a healing meditation and a few other items I'll cater to your needs. With today's technology, we don't need to be in the same room. So, if you live off of Nantucket you still qualify.  To enter: share this post or comment below.

Peace, Love & Hugs,


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