40 Days of Love - Day 30 - My Cat Jack + Giveaway


Have you ever had a moment where you feel you're exactly where you need to be at the moment you need to be there?  Every now and then I am able to look to my past and be so grateful for the life I lead now.  I wouldn't be in my present without my past.  My cat Jack could be the thing I love most in this world.  Everyday I am grateful I have him.

Finding Jack


While going to school in Florida, I was really missing my immediate family.  I felt very lonely and that loneliness showed up in my waistline.  I gained about 30 pounds of loneliness.  At this time, I really wanted a little kitty to keep me company, except I really didn't have the time or the money for a pet.  But, being the dreamer that I am, I wrote down what kind of kitty I did want.  A few notables were; affectionate, loyal, playful and will travel well.  (Much like what I want in a romantic partner.)  About a week after I made this list I was looking into a new apartment and was walking out of the complex office to my car when I heard this tiny little meow coming from under my car.  I got on my hands and knees and saw the smallest kitten I have ever laid my eye upon in my life.  He started to run towards me still squeeking the whole way.  I picked him up and said, "You're coming home with me!"

I ran into the office of the apartment complex and asked the ladies if he belong to anyone.  They took one look at this tiny black kitten and then they looked at me like I had five heads.  This kitten was covered in dry feces, he had one yellow eye and one blue eye that was under developed and he was no bigger than the palm of my hand.

One of the ladies looked at me and said, "Um, no, He doesn't belong to anyone."  I was so happy.  My prayers were answered.  I took him immediately to the vet for the doctor to have a look at him.  After our first doctor's visit, I immediately called my Mother and told her the good news.  "Mom, you're finally a grandma!  He is covered in fur and has four legs."
"Oh no Dorothy!" My Mother replied.
"Mom, he is so cute and cuddly.  God sent him to me. He's covered in poop but the doctor said with his special food that should clear up within a few months.  He might have to have an eye taken out too.  The doctor said it's a waiting game to see if the eye drops work.  Mom, I've never loved anything more in my whole life!"
"Just wait to you have kids." My Mom said with a chuckle. 

Jack may be the very best thing that ever happened to me.  We have traveled this country together.  He's been there when I felt all alone.  He is the most loyal kitty I have ever met.  When I come home, he greets me at the door.  When I say it's time for bed, he runs up stairs and gets ready to be spooned.  Even as I write this he's is sleeping by my side.  He's my little man and my world is enriched having him in it.



Jack may be the best thing that ever happened to me but I think animals provide that feeling to people. Doesn't matter what type of animal, I personally can't help but love them! 

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Peace, Love and Hugs,


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