40 Days of Love - Day 7 - Nantucket Community


 40 Days of Love – Day 7 – The Nantucket Community


It’s been a week of love and I, for one, am feeling it! I hope you are as well.  Yesterday, for Day 6 on the things I love, I wrote about Nantucket Island and how it chooses people.  Today, for Day 7, I want to write about the Nantucket Community I love so very much.  It’s unlike any other community I have ever experienced.  I’ve lived and traveled all over and as of yet, I haven’t witnessed a more supportive place to live.  If someone gets sick, the whole town comes together to feed them, raise money if need be,and supports them.  If you have a dream you want to make a reality, the people within this community support you and help you make something out of nothing.  The Nantucket Community supports (sometimes, even inspires and celebrates!) the wacky and weird…in fact, it’s not so weird to us.  The Nantucket Community loves those whotake risks.  Maybe it’s opening night at your first restaurant…you’re almost guaranteed to have a packed house and people supporting your efforts.  Want to break into the art world?  The scene here on the island loves to support local artists. 


I have seen lives changed because of the island community, including my own.  I have launched a book, several companies, I have wanted to grow within and I have had the community’s full support.  We are here for each other.  After all, we are out here, thirty-plus miles at sea (give or take) all by ourselves.  We need to support each other to thrive…and we do!


I want to hear from you.  Do you love your community?  Do you feel supported in who you are and what you do?  Have you visited Nantucket and experienced what I am talking about?


Peace, Love & Hugs,


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