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Everything I do in life, I do for Love.

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Everything I do in life, I do for love.

Free Weekly Prayer & Healing Sign up

There is so much power in intention and there's power in prayer.  Here is the story behind the offering of healing and prayers.  I have never prayed so much in my entire life until my mother was in the hospital.  It was during this time, I prayed feverishly and began really utilizing different healing modalities to help her that I have been learning for the past five years, including reiki.  Allowing God to use me as a conduit of healing, I poured what I could into helping my mom.  Also, there were many people offering up prayers and healing towards my mother.  Feeling this sort of support filled my heart and also helped my mother greatly!  We saw miracle after miracle.  Even the very last miracle, where my mother passed away peacefully with love around her.  God called my mother back home, which is a new life and beginning to it's self.  Being a witness to these miracles and also the support I experienced from others, I feel I want to be there for those that need a little extra boost.  I want to help honor how my mother was in the physical life; generous and loving.  With the grief I am experiencing, I want to channel and transform that grief into love.  This is a space allowing people to share what they need without judgement, only love and allowing me an opportunity to be of service. 

Sign up with your prayers as well as who and what you are looking for to in regard to healing once a week.  On Tuesdays 9pm, lay down in a comfortable position with the intention of receiving full health and wellness in all areas of your life and allow the prayers and healing to embrace your body and those you love.  I'll be praying, sending reiki and other healing modalities to you during this time, just be open to receiving.  

Disclaimer: If you're signing up for healing and prayers know that I am not God and I am not a doctor.  I am a peaceful love warrior.  Ultimately, your health and wellness as well as life's process is between you and God.  If something doesn’t come through the way you want it to, take your blessings as they come.  Be open to all that life has in store for you.  I am not responsible for your life or health, nor your loved ones life and health.  Everyone's process and journey is their own.  If you're signing up below, you are agreeing to this and not holding me responsible for outcomes for your life or your loved ones lives.  I wish you the very best that life can offer.   Peace, Love & Hugs!


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