Dorothy Stover

Everything I do in life, I do for Love.

The Love Writer. Lightworker.

Everything I do in life, I do for love.

I am a powerful manifester and I want to share that with you.  It’s free! Manifesting is the act of visualizing the things you want/need in life and focusing energy in that direction to help them come to fruition. I find the most powerful and successful way to manifest is by writing something down and sharing your desires.  Write down as much information as you think I need.  I will use my intuition to word your desires, and then I will email you what I’ve written.  You don’t need to do anything from there!

Disclaimer: I am not a magician or a fairy god mother.  I am helping you manifest your desires, but if something doesn’t come through the way you want it to, take your blessings as they come.  Be open to all that life has in store for you.  I am not responsible for your life, you are.